Hello, I'm Dorie!

I’m a strong Latina with a passion for FOOD, FITNESS, and FEELING FIERCE! Originally from New York, and proud of my Puerto Rican roots. For most of my life, I lived in the shadow of trauma and addiction. It's taken me a long time to finally arrive, be present, and feel free. A recovering addict, I have transformed my life, one moment at a time. I am alive and thriving, and at peace. More importantly, I live a life unchained. Free. You being here, that's part of my healing journey too. I am so glad you are here! And I pray that I may be of service to you in some way. 

My Story

As a first-generation Latina, I grew up "on the block", on many blocks actually! We moved from one low-income housing to the next, one building to the next. My mom and dad were determined to work hard and hustle. As far back as I can recall, my dad always wanted his own house in a good neighborhood. We're a large family, with food, parties, music, dancing and "other stuff"...

ADDICTION. It traveled through generations and bounced from one person to the next. While I was determined to never let that happen to me, the spirit of addiction is persistent, and waiting.Yes, I became an addict: substances, processes, and food.

RECOVERY. I’ve been clean and sober from substance use disorder for over 25 years. Food, on the other hand was an entirely different addiction. We must eat to live right? Let me tell you... food was my primary drug of choice! I not only eat to live, but I eat and binge to soothe, celebrate, hide, cry… wherever, whenever, whatever, I’m knee deep in it. Dieting since childhood, I became a master at it! GO ME. Ready to give advice, but I never finished any diet. I often heard the phrase, "Dorie's on another diet"... In 2019, I found Bright Line Eating, and my life was changed forever!

Recipe Developer

One of the key ingredients to my success was eating food that I enjoyed, while incorporating boundaries. During my maintenance phase of my transformation, I started posting my recipes. Many started following my account, and cooking my recipes. WHAT?! Then, I started getting messages from my precious followers with overwhelming support! Your love and support are everything! Every time I cook, I think of you.

You’ll often hear me say “I’m Extra”. You'll feel that in my recipes. The common theme of my recipes is full of flavor, or as I like to say “sabor”! But that’s not all. Everything about each recipe is a transforming experience. From start to end, you’ll know if it’s a Dorie Recipe. I say that with so much love for what I do.This is pure joy! And so here we are my friends. We're rocking it out in the kitchen. It’s time to fall back in love with food and be totally free, for good, and forever.

Fitness Professional

My role as Lead Choreography Specialist for a Global fitness company, enables me to identify talent, spot potential, and provide training. I’ve also developed methods, created structures, modules, manuals and more to enhance the training experience.

In my choreography sessions, instructors from around the world jam with me. With my guidance, routines, skills, and expertise I’m able to help them deliver the best class experience for their students. 

From being a behind-the-scenes trainer on ABCs “Extreme Weight Loss”, to being a top-rated convention presenter, I am absolutely grateful that this is my career.

Fun Stuff!

  • I scream at theTV during "mob" movies.
  • I’m an ambivert.
  • When I’m out, I’m a social butterfly.
  • When I'm in...I'M IN DEEP... ssssh, don't speak please.
  • I hate peas & carrots together.